What real Discovery is

All services represented on the website, being, in-fact, the personal capabilities of its owner, shall be available on a limited basis from now. This is because of the permanent employment of Eugene Prygoff with Discovery Int’l Geophysics, effective March 2016. The website will switch to “blog mode” for field notes and pics, without specific details on projects worked. This is the last formal message with my grammar reviewed and edited by a third party :)

Business entity transition.

This is an official announcement that, as of June, 14, 2015, both this given domain name and web-site does not represent the New Vetus LLC  business entity; all rights to the company have been transferred to another business entity not affiliated with any persons formerly related to New Vetus. Eugene Prygoff, as the former sole employee and owner of New Vetus, will remain to maintain this web-site as his personal, and will stay available for projects in Mongolia and worldwide through personal hire / contracting. Please use contact form in this site or contact via LinkedIn.

Diversification – the right recipe for the bad times

The media market is still scaring audiences, making the situation even worse, so that the term “crisis” is now very well known, worldwide, in exploration and mining, if not widely pronounced.  Whilst the legal and operating status of New Vetus is officially (and voluntarily) halted in its country of registration, there is a great opportunity to upgrade the engine – for the company’s founder to acquire new areas of competence.

This upgrade is in process right now, so soon will be updates regarding New Vetus services in the areas of industrial construction and logistics.

In other words, we’re up-and-running.

Good luck to all my peers in the natural resources exploration sectors!

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